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How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes | BelleChloe | Wakeup and Makeup

Belle Chloe Magnetic Eyelashes | How to apply false lashes

Yes! Magnetic Eyelashes are real!

And I’m here to tell you all about it!

Belle Chloe Magnetic Eyelashes

First, I'd like to say a special thanks to Belle Chloe for sending me these lashes! I received these beauties from Belle Chloe Magnetic Lashes in the style "DRAMATIC" and They are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

Be sure to use the code LEXI10 for 10% Off your order at Belle Chloe!

Belle Chloe Magnetic Eyelashes

This particular style is great to add a full volume lash look for a night out or fancy event!

The packaging, everything, it was Love at first sight.

It comes with Top lashes for the LEFT and Right eye, and the magnetized Bottom Lashes in three sections (as see in photo) to apply under the top lashes. It also comes with a little instruction card and the magnetized applicator!

Magnetic Eyelashes are a great alternative for people who do not like using glue or wish there was a better or easier way to apply the lashes.

HOWEVER! There is a disclaimer! If you have any electro medical device (pacemaker, etc.) then magnetic lashes shouldn't be worn.

If not, then you're good to go!

See how I applied the lashes below!




As seen in the video, I did have quite a bit of trouble with applying the lashes to the applicator beforehand, (mainly the design of the applicator itself was the issue and NOT the lashes) but once applied, getting the lashes ON was an ABSOLUTE BREEZE! Literally, lashes on in 0.5 seconds!

They add volume and length in an INSTANT, and they look absolutely gorgeous on!

After a few practice tries (after filming this video), I must say that DEF recommend everyone and anyone to try these lashes for yourself!

You will be amazed, and who knows maybe you'll never go to regular lashes again!

Be sure to use the code LEXI10 for 10% Off your order at Belle Chloe!

If you've tried magnetic lashes or have any questions let me know below! I want to know your thoughts!

With Love,

Lexi Lemonade

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